Behind The Wheel Curriculum

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Lesson 1

Principal Objective:
Allow the student to obtain an intuitive sense of vehicle control, start to develop hand-eye coordination and learn basic right of way rules and practices

·Pre-drive adjustments
·Entering traffic from the curb
·Directional control
·Uncontrolled intersections
·Residential traffic circles
·Right turns
·Left turns
·Speed control
·Steering technique
·General vehicle control
·Parking-securing vehicle


Lesson 2

Principal Objective:
Teach the process of unprotected left turns, lane changes and entering arterials in high-volume traffic situations

·Protected left turns
·Unprotected left turns
·Right turn on red
·Parallel turns
·Turning to correct lane
·Lane changes
·Proper following distances
·Stopping behind standing vehicles
·Stopping at correct points


Lesson 3

Principal Objective:
Instruct students how to park and control the vehicle in reverse

·Backing around a corner
·Parallel parking
·Parking on an incline
·Parking lots
·Introduction to highway driving



Lesson 4

Principal Objective:
Defensive driving skills: To have the student develop the ability to identify, predict and react to the errors of other drivers

·Identifying errors of other drivers
·Reacting to errors
·Heavy traffic
·Finding specific streets
·Maintaining a safety cushion (following distance)
·Yielding to transit busses


Lesson 5

Principal Objective:
Freeway driving: letting the student become accustomed to driving at higher speeds

·Merging onto the freeway
·Lane chances
·Moving with the traffic flow
·Reacting to changes in traffic flow speeds
·Proper lane position
·Reacting to merging vehicles
·Locating exits
·Velocitazition effects


Lesson 6

Principal Objective:
Evaluating the student's current driving ability and advising on specific skills which require improvement

·General review