Driver Education Services

Why Our Instruction Is Better


......Not all driver education programs are the same. A major factor is the the people giving the instruction (both in the car and in the class) The best driver ed. instructors have the right mix of personality, skill, experience and the right attitude.
......When you come to our program you will experience all these advantages in abundance.

......Needless to say, this is essential. Students make mistakes, sometimes lots of mistakes. A patient instructor turns mistakes into positive learning experiences rather than constant criticism and negative put-downs.
......A patient instructor understands that mistakes are a normal part of the learning process and does not get upset or emotionally involved when those mistakes are made.

The Most Experience
......The more you do something, the better you get at it. Our instructors have more experience than just about anybody else in Seattle. (Over 35, 000 lessons conducted without one single scracth) Some driving schools boast about how long they have been in business, but the individual teachers may "turn over" every 6-12 months at those schools.

A Full Time Instructor
......Most driver ed programs use part time instructors who do not teach driving on a full time basis. To be perfectly fair, many of these instructors do an adequate job, but, ask yourself this: Would you rather use a lawyer, doctor, dentist or accountant who practices full time? Or someone who comes in a for a few hours at the end of the day to make a few extra dollars? (think about it)

......Not all students learn the same way! .A teaching approach that works great for one student can be a total failure for another. Some teens get into our car with absolutely no experience, while others have lots of experience (and everything in between) We adapt our teaching methods to individual experience levels, abilities and learning styles.
......Instructor flexibility means the teacher is willing and able to adjust to the student's needs, rather than use a rigid "one size fits all" teaching approach. This does require more effort from the instructor, but the results are worth it.

A Strong Dedication to Customer Service
......Because our instructors own the company, we go the extra mile to make driver education a positive and convenient experience. Our financial success is directly dependent on referrals from satisfied students and parents so we put significantly more effort into serving the customer than other programs.
......Most driver ed. instructors get the same paycheck whether they do a great job or a lousy job, with us, our compensation is directly related to doing the best job possible. (therefore we do the best job possible)
......Essentially, we are like the difference between dealing with the Post Office and FedEx. (by the way, we are not like the Post Office)

Proper Behavior
......There is a concern among some parents about having their female teenagers alone in the car with a male adult. (very understandable) Be assured that we are very careful to avoid any inappropriate behavior. There are NEVER references to personal appearance, and there is NEVER ANY physical contact with the students. (even when making steering corrections we avoid touching the students)
......It really goes back to the points just made, that we depend on referrals for about 75% of our business, and we only generate those referrals by graduating satisfied students who do not have bad experiences.

The Ability to Effectively Help Fearful Students Who Lack Confidence
......When students know the instructor has the experience, skill, compassion and fast reflexes to keep them safe, they quickly gain confidence and are less fearful. We are very experienced in helping nervous students successfully learn to drive. Our calm, non-judgemental approach is one reason why.
......Another big advantage: We operate the only instruction cars equipped to be completely driven from the right seat.

A Good Communicator
......Clear and unmistakable communication from the instructor helps the student learn better and greatly reduces stress. When the student knows in advance where they will be turning, where to steer the car, what to expect up ahead, and what's going to happen on the lesson they learn more and they learn faster & better.
......We clearly "narrate" students through traffic situations in clear English, this technique boosts confidence and greatly helps comprehension.

Respect For the Student's Time
......Many of our students play sports or take part in activities which along with going to school, take up a lot of their time. We understand this .In our program all the work is done during class, there is no outside homework or huge "term paper" projects which take away valuable time from regular school work, sports or activities.

A Sense of Humor
......While driving is certainly a serious business, adding personality, entertainment & humor to the teaching process makes learning a whole lot more enjoyable and productive. (students don't learn much when they are bored to death)
......Our classes are famous for being fun, lively, interesting and relevant. (just ask anyone who has been to our program, they will confirm this fact)

No Authority Complex
......There is no reason to make driver education like a boot camp! (therefore we don't) Diplomacy and a friendly attitude are always more productive than "heavy-handed, power trip" tactics.

......This may not seen like a big deal to you now, but when instructors show up late for driving lessons it can really mess up the student's schedule (and yours) We stay on schedule with remarkable accuracy, and if we are ever going to be late for a driving session (which is rare) we will call and let you know.
......And remember, we pick up students on the driving lessons at home, school or sports practice at no extra charge.

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Thanks for your interest!