Thank you for your interest in our program. Before enrolling, please read and understand the information below.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please email us at and we will reply to your question within 24 hours. (usually much sooner)

You can probably find the answer to any questions you have by visiting the F.A.Q. Page.

After reading and agreeing to the information below, click the "Continue Enrollment" link at the bottom.

Enrollment Instructions:
          The "Continue Enrollment" link will connect you to 2 forms. Print both forms and then surface mail or scan/e mail them back to us. Complete instructions are clearly indicated on the forms.
          If you are having printer problems, e mail the applicable information that is on the forms.

Selecting times for the IN-CAR drives:
          It is extremely important to carefully consider when the student is, and is not available for the 6 IN-CAR drives. Once they are set-up and agreed-to (by you) they will have to be stuck with.
           Please thoroughly check your student's school, sports, and vacation schedules so we can schedule the drives accurately.

Driving lesson no-shows:
          If the student fails to show-up for a driving session and has to be re-booked in the future, an $80. fee will be charged.

IN-CAR drive procedure:
          We stay on schedule with with a high degree of accuracy. Student cooperation is essential to assure that everyone gets their full drive time.
          The students will be expected to be waiting outside at the curb 10 minutes before the scheduled pickup time.

Making up missed class sessions:
          Missed class sessions (which are separate from the in-car drives) can easily be made up. Just go to the link marked as: "Class Session Numbers and Dates" in the black navigation bar on or website. Find the session # of the missed classes, and come to a session with the corresponding session #.
          The class make up process will be explained in detail in the parent orientation session.

Student behavior:
          We run a very customer oriented program, and we go significant effort and expense to make driver education as pleasant as possible for the students. This does not mean that anything goes however.
          The below-listed behaviors are unacceptable;

           Students who violate these terms will be given one warning. The second violation will result in an expulsion with no refund.

          If your son/daughter is a "troubled teen" with behavior issues, please skip our program and sign up somewhere else!!

Cancellations and refunds:
           Please do not enroll in our program unless you have a strong commitment to start and complete it!

By enrolling, you unconditionally understand and agree to all the above listed terms