Driver Testing
YES: We also offer testing to the public...Contact us by email for info.
Step One:
Make your Knowledge Test appointment
NOTE: If the student passed the Knowledge Test within the past 24 months, they DO NOT need to take the test again.

Testing Times:
Fridays at 4 PM......2 PM in the summer

When to take the test:
Anytime you want after completing the program

To make your appointment, send;
  • Student's name

  • 12 digit Permit # (OR the # you got when you registered on the D.O.L. website OR your Wash. ID card #)

  • Contact phone #

  • The date you want
Email the info to:

Put: "STUDENT KNOWLEDGE TEST" in the subject line

You will receive an email confirmation that includes EVERYTHING you need to do
Step Two:
Take the Knowledge Test

  # of questions: 40

  Passing score: 80% (You can miss 8)

  Time limit: 40 minutes

Step Three:
Make your Drive Test appointment

We will make your Drive Test appointment after you pass the Knowledge Test
Step Four:
Take the Drive Test

  • LOCATION: Our office

  • WHEN: Fridays at; 5:00---5:30---6:00 PM        

    SUMMER: Fridays at; 3:00---3:30---4:00 PM        

  • REQUIREMENTS: 50 hours of URBAN driving experience

  • AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT: Don't attempt the Drive Test before you are ready!
Step Five:
Get your license

Your can get your licence when:
  • Your have held your permit for 6 months

  • You are 16 +

After passing the drive test, we will send you a link where you can get your license online. You DO NOT need to go to the D.O.L. office unless:
  • Your permit does not have a photo

  • You want a different photo