Please use email for communications.

Use the student's first and last legal name in all communications.


Students can withdraw from the class & receive a full refund if we are notified by email by:
MONDAY 9/9, 11 AM.   After that, there are NO REFUNDS.

Overview of Process

  1. Finish all 15 CLASS SESSIONS and the 6 IN-CAR DRIVES

  2. Pay any outstanding balance (an invoice will be emailed to you at the end of the program)

  3. Click Here for info. on the final license testing.

  4. Take & pass the KNOWLEDGE TEST. (this can be done any time after the program has been completed. The students do not have to be 16)

  5. Complete 50 hours of URBAN driving

  6. Take & pass the DRIVE TEST.

  7. Get the license when the student has held their permit for 6 months & they are 16+. (This can now be done online with a credit card. The fee is $54.)    D.O.L. Online License Page

Class Makeups

To make up class sessions; (not the in-car lessons)

    Thurs.       May 14           7 PM

    Sun.          May 17           3:30 PM

    Sat.           May 23           10 AM

    Tues.        May 26           7 PM

    If the student can not attend the sessions listed above, classes can be made up in the Winter 2020 Session....Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to:    Class Session Numbers

  2. Find the SPECIFIC SESSION NUMBER of the missed class(s) It does not matter when the class is, as long as the session number(s) match.

  3. Find a corresponding session number in the future and come to that class

  4.      IMPORTANT: Note the time of the class, as we have different formats.

Requirements for Passing

Requirements for Getting Your License

Expectations for the First Drive

By the first lesson you should be able to:

Testing Information

Our Test Information Page

The testing is included in the program fee, as long as it is completed on or before:
June 11th 2020. After that date, our regular fees will apply: Knowledge Test: $25.  Drive Test: $60.

Other Questions?

Our F.A.Q. Page

Graduated License Regulations

D.O.L. Minor Drivers Information Page